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Door Bolts

Our stylish collection of door bolts provides an elegant hardware solution for beautiful doors while ensuring functionality and durability.

Cremone Bolts & more

Beautiful Hardware for French Doors

Cremone Bolts

Cremone bolts, alternatively referred to as Espagnolette bolts, provide an elegant locking solution for French doors, cabinetry, and casement windows, enhancing the visual appeal of your project with a touch of grandeur.

A Cremone bolt spans the entire length of the door or window. When the operating lever handle or knob is rotated, a rod extends simultaneously into both the top and bottom of the frame, effectively locking the corresponding leaf. You have the option of utilising twin Cremone bolts or pairing one with a combination of recessed flush bolts or skeleton bolts on the passive side.

Recessed Flush Bolts

Our selection includes recessed flush bolts designed specifically for the passive side of double doors. These bolts are traditionally installed into the side edge of the passive door leaf, providing a discreet and functional locking solution.

Surface Bolts

Surface bolts can be easily installed on the inside face of a door or window, in either vertical or horizontal orientations. Operating the knob allows for smooth extension and retraction of the bolt, ensuring convenient and secure locking.

Joseph Giles Door Bolts

At In Residence, we exclusively sell door bolts by Joseph Giles because of their superior design and craftsmanship. Joseph Giles are world leaders in luxury architectural hardware.

Specifying Door Bolts

In Residence offers custom specified cremone bolts to suit your particular project requirements. Our expert hardware staff are always here to help.


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