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Terms & Conditions


We reserve the right to alter our pricing at any time, and only a formal quote issued by In Residence sets your purchase price. You have 30 days to purchase your goods at that price, after which we reserve the right to alter our pricing as the market demands. Pricing on website catalogues and brochures is correct only at the time of publishing, however may become outdated. Please contact In Residence for pricing confirmation prior to ordering. 


50% deposit is required on readily stocked items and 100% payment is required for made-to-order items before the order is placed and the remaining balance due before final dispatch. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or by bank transfer.


Delivery Times

All our products are made to order, with an approximate 8-10 week lead time on standard items, and longer for specialty items. However, we endeavour to stock many of our most popular Perrin & Rowe tapware items, which can be dispatched without delay.

We maintain a consistent level of stock of popular Perrin & Rowe items in Chrome, Nickel and Pewter finishes, and a small stock of other finishes. If a Perrin & Rowe product is not in stock in our warehouse, the manufacturing time is approximately eight to ten weeks. There is no stock warehouse at the Perrin & Rowe factory in England as every product is made to order. We therefore encourage appropriate forward planning and communication with us on your project requirement at the earliest convenience. 

Hawthorn Hill stands and towel rails are made to order with a delivery time of up to eight to ten weeks approximately. Please contact In Residence stock availability and lead times on all products.

Delivery Charges

There are no freight charges for Perrin & Rowe tapware, accessories, or stainless-steel sink deliveries within New Zealand.

Fireclay sinks, basin and toilet deliveries will incur a freight charge per consignment. Please contact In Residence for further information prior to quoting or ordering.

Delivery Acceptance

All products must be checked upon taking delivery. Damaged or missing items must be reported within 48 hours.

Returns & Exchange Policy

Custom-made Products

All our custom-made products are made to order, and we cannot accept returns or exchanges. These products include Hawthorne Hill, Acquello, The Water Monopoly Baths, wooden toilet seats, Oxford Grilles, Armac Martin, Joseph Giles and made to order Perrin & Rowe products.


Purchased Perrin & Rowe products will be considered for return by In Residence for a period of up to three months after the invoice date. In the event that In Residence agrees to accept a return, a 20% restocking fee may apply. Any product presented for return and/or credit must be unused and in saleable condition, including its original packaging. The packaging must be unmarked and free from labels. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the return being declined. The cost of return delivery is to be covered by the returner.

Product Guarantees

We stand by our product guarantees. If you experience any problem with your purchased product please contact our Technical Service Team. 


Please contact In Residence for information regarding product care and maintenance for your product.

Warranty is voided by:

  • Damage to finishes by adhesives, sealants, paint, or any solvents used to remove them. Paints continue to cure for a few days. Vapours released during this process can sometimes cause metal finishes to discolour or tarnish. It is best to wait until no paint odour can be detected before installing tapware and accessories.
  • Damage to finishes by use of unsuitable cleaning agents or improper materials contrary to the Perrin & Rowe manufacturer’s Care and Maintenance instructions. These include cleaning agents containing acidic, corrosive, abrasive, citrus, or alcohol-based substances or through scouring of a surface by abrasive cloths, sponge pads or similar.
  • Damage to finishes which arises from installation or post-installation use.






Tapware must be installed by a Licensed Plumber in accordance with the relevant Standards and plumbing regulations, the Perrin & Rowe installation instructions, and best trade practice.

Warranty is voided by:

  • Failure to observe Perrin & Rowe’s manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions.



Low Pressure & Install



Low Water Pressures Perrin & Rowe kitchen taps are compatible with most low water pressure installations. To support water conservation regulations, Perrin & Rowe kitchen and basin taps are fitted with a flow controlling spout tip aerator. This limits the water output to 6 to 7.5 L/min to give a WELS Four Star rating. This flow rate is based on taps installed into homes with an incoming pressure of 150 to 500 kPa. When Perrin & Rowe kitchen and basin taps are installed into homes with low inlet water pressure of less than 150 kPa, we can change the spout tip aerator to a non-flow-controlled version to achieve the 6 to 7.5 L/min flow rate. Kitchen taps with a spray rinse require a minimum inlet water pressure of 100 kPa to activate their diverter mechanism and a maximum of 500kPa. The single lever shower mixers N5506, N5106 and N5806 require at least 100 kPa to operate their internal pressure balancing valve. Please contact In Residence for advice on low-water pressure installations. WELS Perrin & Rowe kitchen and bathroom tapware has been tested and certified with a WELS Four Star rating under the Water Efficiency Labelling & Standards (WELS) scheme. Perrin & Rowe shower fittings hold a WELS Three Star rating as do their toilets.

Wastes & Bottle Traps

Perrin & Rowe basin and bath wastes are available with several styles to choose from and only sold with Perrin & Rowe and The Water Monopoly basins, sinks or baths. Bottle traps are only sold with Perrin & Rowe and The Water Monopoly. Please ensure that you include a suitable Perrin & Rowe waste in your order. A slotted waste will be necessary where the chosen basin has an overflow outlet.

Consumable Components

Ceramic disc cartridges incorporated within Perrin & Rowe tapware are a consumable item and have a parts replacement warranty for five (5) years from the date of purchase. This consumable component warranty provides for the supply of replacement cartridges during this period. Flexible hand shower and kitchen tap spray rinse hoses, O rings and washers, non-return valves, poppet valves and aerator inserts are also consumable components and covered by a five (5) year parts replacement warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty excludes damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or vandalism. Much have proof of purchase before service parts are sold or technical advice is given. Service parts sold with no proof of purchase have no returns or exchanges.

Soap Dispensers

In Residence New Zealand warrants to replace or repair any Perrin & Rowe soap dispenser purchased from In Residence New Zealand with manufacturing fault in materials or workmanship for a two (2) year period from the date of purchase. Care & Maintenance must be followed at all times, failing to do this may void any warranty please read your guide that’s supplied with your Perrin & Rowe dispenser.

Toilet Seats

Your toilet seat comes with an installation guide and a care and maintenance guide. Any damage caused to your seat by failing to follow the instructions provided will void your warranty. 1 year warranty on all toilet seats, wooden and duroplast.


Joseph Giles and Armac Martin hardware products are made to order with a no returns or exchanges policy. 50% deposit is required on ordering and the remaining balance due before dispatch. Each order is supplied with a finish guide. Please contact the team at In Residence for more information on care and maintenance.

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Competition Eligibility

This competition is open to New Zealand residents only. Winners must currently be on In Residence’s electronic mailing list at the time the prize is drawn and have subscribed to the mailing list between 12.01am NZST on the first day of the competition period and before the final cut-off time of 12pm NZST on the last day of the competition period.

Competition Dates

Competition periods as follows with prize drawn on last day of the period.

  • Autumn Feb 29th (Sat) 2020 - May 29th (Fri) 2020 - Winner: Helen McNae
  • Winter May 30th (Sat) 2020 - Aug 28th (Fri) 2020 - Winner: Paul Avent
  • Spring Aug 29th (Sat) 2020 - Nov 27th (Fri) 2020 - Winner: Claire Preen
  • Summer Nov 28th (Sat) 2020 - Feb 26th (Fri) 2021 - Winner: Vivienne Fenwick
  • Autumn Feb 27th (Sat) 2021 - May 28th (Fri) 2021 - Winner: Lauren Bellamore
  • Winter May 29th (Sat) 2021 - Aug 27th (Fri) 2021 - Winner: Rui Wang
  • Spring Aug 28th (Sat) 2021 - Nov 26th (Fri) 2021 - Winner: Kelly Moroney
  • Summer Nov 27th (Sat) 2021 - Feb 25th (Fri) 2022 - Winner: Laceyscraftroom
  • Autumn Feb 26th (Sat) 2022 - May 27th (Fri) 2022 - Winner: Wendy Ridge
  • Winter May 28th (Sat) 2022 - Aug 26th (Fri) 2022 - Winner: Margaret Tyson
  • Spring Aug 27th (Sat) 2022 - Nov 25th (Fri) 2022 - Winner: David James
  • Summer Nov 26th (Sat) 2022 - Feb 24th (Fri) 2023 - Winner: Alicia Baker
  • Autumn Feb 25th (Sat) 2023 - May 26th (Fri) 2023 - Winner: Ratahi Tomuri
  • Winter May 27th (Sat) 2023 – Aug 25th (Fri) 2023 - Winner: Ruby Morgan-Potts
  • Spring Aug 26th (Sat) 2023 – Nov 24th (Fri) 2023 - Winner: Cathy Downes
  • Summer Nov 25th (Sat) 2023 – Feb 23rd (Fri) 2024

Competition dates may change with no prior notice.


NZ$500 incl GST prize will be set up as store-credit in the winner's name and printed as a voucher and is non-transferable. The winner's email address, first and last name, address and phone number must be provided to be eligible. Vouchers are eligible for products available from In Residence only and cannot be redeemed for cash or services. 

Number of Entries

Entrants may enter using various email addresses. If an entrant with the same name has more than three (3) email addresses signed up, only three (3) entries will be included in the final draw.

Prize Draw

Winners will be announced via email within 7 days of the prize being drawn at the completion of each competition period. Winners have a 3 month period to claim their prize from the date of the prize being drawn. Winners will be chosen at random. The judge’s decision is final. Store credit voucher expires after 24 months from date of issue.

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