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Our premium quality architectural door hinges and decorative cabinetry hinges ensure a fully coordinated and harmonious hardware collection, down to the finest detail.

Joseph Giles Hinges for Architectural Fitouts

Guide to Door Hinges

Architectural Door Hinges

Joseph Giles is recognised for its craftsmanship and attention to detail in architectural hardware. Their door hinges are often designed to blend seamlessly with various interior styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Joseph Giles hinges not only provide reliable performance but also contribute to the overall design and aesthetics of the door and surrounding space.

Butt Hinges for Doors & Cabinetry

Butt hinges have two rectangular leaves with knuckles in the middle, secured with a pin. There are different variations and grades of butt hinges, suited for different applications.

Washered Bearing Door Hinges

Washered bearing butt hinges benefit from the discreet washers encorporated between the hinge knuckles, reducing friction and resulting in smoother and quieter door movement. Washered bearing hinges offer a significant upgrade from plain knuckled butt hinges.

Concealed Bearing Door Hinges

Concealed bearing butt hinges contain the most advanced bearings to provide enduring longevity and a sleek appearance. Concealed bearing hinges are the ideal hinge for heavy doors, doors using automatic closers, and those subject to high levels of foot traffic. They can perform perfectly for long periods of time and offer a low-maintenance hinge solution.

Decorative Finial Door Hinges

A decorative finial door hinge features an ornamental finial or decorative element at the top and bottom of the hinge pin.

Rising Butt Door Hinges

A rising door hinge, also known as a rising butt hinge or lift-off hinge, is a type of hinge that allows a door to be easily removed or lifted off its frame. Unlike traditional hinges, which are fixed and require the removal of screws or pins to detach the door, rising hinges provide a convenient way to lift the door off its hinges for maintenance, installation, or other purposes.

Wide Throw Door Hinges

A wide throw door hinge is a type of hinge that allows a door to swing open further than a standard hinge would allow, typically from 110 to 180 degrees. Butt hinges with a width of 100mm or more are often suitable for this purpose.

Fire Rated Door Hinges

Joseph giles fire rated door hinges are supplied with intumescent pads. These are to be fitted behind each of the hinge leaves on timber doors, as this is an area most likely to suffer integrity failure in the event of a firee. When activated, the intumescent pads expand rapidly providing additional protection and insulate the heat transfer from the hinge to the dooor and frame.

How Many Door Hinges Do I Need?

We usually recommend using three hinges for a standard door. Doors taller than 2100mm should mostly be fitted with four hinges.

General recommendations for other configurations:
Two hinges may be adequate for hollowcore doors under 2340mm x 820mm.
Three hinges are recommended for solid/semi-solid doors under 2340mm x 820mm and hollowcore doors over 2340mm x 820mm.
Four hinges are recommended evenly spaced for solid doors and doors over 2340mm x 920mm.

Positioning Door Hinges

A door usually requires a top, middle and bottom hinge, with the top hinge 150mm from the top, and the bottom hinge approximately 230mm to the bottom of the door. The central hinge/s should be centred equally between the two outer hinges.

Cabinet Door Hinges

We offer a range of quality decorative cabinet hinges for lightweight flush cabinet doors and windows. Most Joseph Giles cabinet hinges have been tested on cabinet doors up to 20kg.

Shower Door Hinges

We offer shower door hinges. These are designed for holding a pane of glass vertically and withstand the rigours of a wet area.

Specifying Door Hinges

When selecting butt hinges, it is important to consider factors such as the size, load-bearing capacity, material, and overall design compatibility with the door or object. We strongly recommend consulting with out expert hardware team to correctly determine the hinge size and specification for your application.


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