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Door Stops

The unassuming door stop serves as your trusty wall protector, ensuring your beloved door handles don't cause any harm. Explore the Joseph Giles range of stylish door stops, designed to complement their door hardware collections.

Essential Door Accessories

Quality Door Stops

Joseph Giles Quality Door Stops

Joseph Giles door stops combine exquisite design with superior craftsmanship, employing the finest quality materials to deliver lasting durability. These door stops seamlessly integrate with your design scheme, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Our collection includes the complete range of stylish Joseph Giles door stoppers, ensuring architectural beauty down to the finest detail. Featuring thick rubber bumpers, Joseph Giles door stops provide exceptional door protection, preventing damage and reducing the noise caused by the door coming into contact with the stop.

Wall Mounted Door Stops

The baseboard wall door stopper is the most common choice in New Zealand. Wall mounted stoppers are easily attached to the skirting board or can be directly affixed to the wall.

Floor Mounted Door Stops

A floor mounted door stop is ideal when you want to limit door travel and protect items or furniture in the door’s path, rather than just a wall. A good example of this is with a heavier front door that may not open directly against a wall. Floor mounted door stops are not suitable in areas where there is electric under floor heating installed as the fixings may damage it. Care should also be taken to avoid creating a trip hazard.

Magnetic Door Stops

Magnetic door stops are the ideal choice if you want a stopper that also keeps the door open. They provide an elegant alternative to door wedges or hooks.

Cabin Hook Door Stops

Door hooks are great if you need to keep a door open for a prolonged amount of time. Pivoting door hooks provide a quieter version, eliminating most of the rattling sound that may occur with traditional cabin hooks.

Latch Back Door Stops

A latch back door stop consists of a mounting bracket or plate, a hinged arm, and a latch mechanism. The arm can be engaged or disengaged, allowing the door to be temporarily held in an open position.

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