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Armac Martin - Gaumont Collection

Model code: GCL-GAU

With a nod to the deco design era, Gaumont features a slight stepped edge to each cabinet pull handle. The effortless two-piece solid brass collection can be displayed both horizontally and vertically, making it ideal for both bedroom and dressing room storage. Naturally complementing a number of interior concepts, the Gaumont collection is available in over 20 beautiful finishes to adhere to your design scheme. Choose burnished brass for a traditional look, satin antique for added sophistication, or polished chrome plate for modern spaces.

The Gaumont collection comprises:

  • T-bar handle 64mm L, 36mm P
  • Cabinet handle 150mm L, 96mm C, 36mm P
  • Cabinet handle 182mm L, 128mm C, 36mm P
  • Cabinet handle 214mm L, 160mm C, 36mm P
  • Cabinet handle 278mm L, 224mm C, 36mm P
  • Cabinet handle 358mm L, 304mm C, 36mm P
  • Appliance pull 430mm L, 368mm C
  • Appliance pull 670mm L, 608mm C

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    Finishes Available

    • american-bronze-gloss-lacquered armac-martin
      American Bronze Gloss Lacquered
    • antique-brass-gloss-lacquered armac-martin
      Antique Brass Gloss Lacquered
    • antique-brass-unlacquered armac-martin
      Antique Brass Unlacquered
    • barrelled-nickel-plate armac-martin
      Barrelled Nickel Plate
    • burnished-brass-unlacquered armac-martin
      Burnished Brass Unlacquered
    • chocolate-bronze-satin-lacquered armac-martin
      Chocolate Bronze Satin Lacquered
    • hand-burnished-brass-unlacquered armac-martin
      Hand Burnished Brass Unlacquered
    • hand-burnished-nickel-plate armac-martin
      Hand Burnished Nickel Plate
    • matte-black-satin-lacquered armac-martin
      Matte Black Satin Lacquered
    • matte-white-lacquered armac-martin
      Matte White Lacquered
    • polished-brass-gloss-lacquered armac-martin
      Polished Brass Gloss Lacquered
    • polished-brass-unlacquered armac-martin
      Polished Brass Unlacquered
    • polished-chrome-plate armac-martin
      Polished Chrome Plate
    • polished-nickel-plate armac-martin
      Polished Nickel Plate
    • satin-antique-satin-lacquered armac-martin
      Satin Antique Satin Lacquered
    • satin-brass-gloss-lacquered armac-martin
      Satin Brass Gloss Lacquered
    • satin-brass-satin-lacquered armac-martin
      Satin Brass Satin Lacquered
    • satin-brass-unlacquered armac-martin
      Satin Brass Unlacquered
    • satin-chrome-plate armac-martin
      Satin Chrome Plate
    • satin-nickel-plate armac-martin
      Satin Nickel Plate

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